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Greenlam Interior Grade

Greenlam proudly introduces a wide range of Interior Grade Clads that is impeccable in their fineness. Made from solid grade high pressure compact laminates, cladding materials used in Greenlam Clads are of top notch quality.

These interior claddings boast of spellbinding patterns and textures and captivating designs that make them one of the most preferred interior décor options in today’s time. Available in an array of colors and designs, our range of interior wall claddings enable you to to give your home, office or space an entirely new look. Be it the alluring grey solid color shade to give your room an elegant taste or the royal walnut wooden shade for a kingly feeling, laminate walls from Greenlam promise both quality and durability.

Greenlam’s interior grade claddings find their application in interior wall cladding, kitchen cabinets, countertops, cupboards, bathrooms and more. They are resistant to high impact, corrosion, moisture, microbial threats and even fire. They are also easier to use and maintain, which makes them an ideal interior refurbishment option.

A leading player in interior cladding in India, Greenlam’s exclusive range of interior grades beautify your inner décor and give it an altogether new look.

Interior Clads

Made from solid grade high pressure compact laminates, Clads internal wall cladding panels are the true example of bold beautiful. While there captivating aesthetics, numerous colours options, rhythms and depth make these laminates win every heart. Their resistant to impact and abrasion, moislure resistance, easy maintenance feature along with anti-bacterial property make them a sheer winner against every possible threat.

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