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Gone are the days when solid-color paints over walls and ceilings were an in-fashion thing. The world is switching over to laminates. Add a perfect finish and an extra charm to your interiors and exteriors with Greenlam Clad’s decorative wall panels.

Our collection offers an array of solid shades and wooden finish laminate panels to decorate your walls. They come in numerous designs, textures, patterns and colors. The beautiful solid or wood paneling done on the walls and ceilings of your home’s exteriors, dining room, bedroom and even kitchen, act as more than just another piece of furnishing; they add brightness and elegance while giving a cozy yet mesmerizing feel to your home décor.

Adorned with light fastness property and made using GLE technology, Greenlam Clads laminate wall panels offer an extensive variety of highly durable wall panels to beautify your interiors and exteriors. Our products are manufactured using high quality thermo-stating resins and films that give them an edge over other furnishing materials. These properties make our panels resistant to fire, scratch and corrosion.

At Greenlam Clads, our collection of laminates is geared towards leaving you ‘spoilt for choice’ when looking for the best decorative wall panels for your home and lifestyle. It’s time to breathe new life into your humble abode with Greenlam’s Interior Grade and Exterior Grade wall panels.