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After beautifying the globe with this magnum opus, Greenlam now endeavors to adorn the world with its revolutionary exterior surfacing panels 'Clads'. These exterior grade compact laminates are designed to make your exteriors gripping yet enthralling. Greenlam Clads laminates come with the revolutionary and unmatched GLE Technology that makes them fade resistant, weather-proof and fire-resistant, hence apt for exteriors.

We also offer Greenlam Clads for your interiors. Made from High Pressure Compact Laminates, these compacts are a true testament of bold & beautiful. Their captivating aesthetics, numerous colour options, rhythms and depths makes them the desire of those who are passionate about interiors.

As an interior & exterior cladding material supplier, Greenlam guarantees the delivery of the highest quality material to ensure long lasting protection and perfect aesthetics for your construction. Greenlam has made its niche as the top cladding material and laminate supplier in India

Our exquisite range of laminates is impact, abrasion and moisture resistant, and possesses anti-bacterial properties which makes it a sheer winner against every possible threat. The new language of splendid interiors, get ready to turn your imaginative ideas into a beautiful reality with Greenlam Clads!

Now get ready to turn your ideas into reality & let the looks do the talking.
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